Passport Photos

Need a Passport Photo?


SO Studios in Epping are offering Passport Photos. Join us in the studio for quick and easy Passport Photo. For online applications we can provide you with the online code and for paper application we can provide a printed version.

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Passport Photo Essentials

Tips for great passport Photos

Wear a plain top, avoiding logos and distracting patterns

Keep your hair neat and tucked behind your ears

Have a plain expression and your mouth closed

Shoot them against a white background

Keep make up minimal

Face forwards and look straight at the camera

Remember your photo must have been taken in the last month for all Passport applications

SO Studios

156 High Street Epping Essex CM16 4AQ

Key information on our Passport and ID photos



How much do you charge for passport photos?


SO Studios charge £15 for each Passport Photo, within this price clients can choose to have the Digital ID code (for online applications) or a printed version. Should you require a both (an online code and print out) the charge is £20.

Where are your passport photos taken?


Our Passport Photos are taken in the comfort of our Photography Studio on Epping High Street. Passport Office (HMPO) specifications state Passport Photos should be taken on a white background and our infinity wall is the perfect place for this.

do i need to book an appointment


Yes. So you are not waiting for us while we are doing a Studio shoot we recommend contacting us to book your slot. We offer appointments during the week and weekends so let us know when you would like to have your Passport Photo taken and we will do our best to accommodate you.