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How to prepare for your

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Here’s our ultimate guide on how to prepare for a cake smash session

While this may seem like chaos at first glance, they are actually very organised and enjoyable for everyone involved. The key elements to consider are the set design and theme, the cake and the your little ones outfit.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for your cake smash session, so we capture all the sweetness of your baby's special day.

When it comes to celebrating your baby’s first birthday, you want to make sure that the memories created are truly special. After all, turning one is a huge milestone! What better way to celebrate than with a cake smash session?

During the session, your baby will be encouraged to get up close and personal with the cake in cute poses that capture their innocent curiosity and sheer joy. You’ll never forget how adorable your little one looked as they explored their first-ever birthday cake.

Choosing a photographer

Every parent wants to make their baby's cake smash session special and memorable. But with so many talented photographers out there, how do you choose the right one for your little one’s big day? The key is finding a photographer that not only knows how to capture beautiful photos but also has a great eye for detail and an ability to make your child feel comfortable. Be sure to look at their portfolio, consider their personality, and check out their pricing & packages before making your final decision.



Birthdays are all about celebration, and what better way to celebrate your little one's first birthday than with a cake smash session? A cake smash is an increasingly popular photography trend that captures the joy of your baby's big day. When booking your Cake Smash Session we recommend the shoot takes place within 6 weeks either side of your little ones birthday.


Start your research

Before deciding on a specific theme, it can be helpful to scour the internet for ideas. A great way to find inspiration is by looking at photos from other parents who have done cake smashes in the past and exploring their different takes on classic themes. If you already have a vision in mind, it's good to search directly for that particular idea and take inspiration from similar cake smash sessions.


4. choosing the right

Cake smash theme

Featured themes

When picking out a theme for your cake smash shoot, it can also be helpful to consider what your child loves most. Do they have a favourite colour or love animals? Are they obsessed with Minnie Mouse? What is the book they love the most? These interests can serve as great sources of inspiration when choosing a theme—after all, there is nothing better than capturing your baby’s delight while they gaze up at an adorable animal backdrop or dive headfirst into a Minnie Mouse-themed cake creation!

Mickey Mouse

reds - Yellows - blacks


Greens - Yellows - Gold - brown

hungry caterpillar

Food - Greens - Red - Yellow




Cake Smash Essex

In order to create the best images cakes should match your chosen theme and outfit selection, its a good idea to share your ideas for the session with your baker, so the cake can be designed around this and incorporate the colour palette. Most cakes you see in cake smash photos are standard-sized 9" round cakes. Its recommend that cake smash cakes are covered in buttercream because it's soft and easy to spread around; much more messy! Fondant can look pretty but won't achieve the desired messy images if this is used.

6. Be prepared to get messy!

This goes for parents and children

Cake smash sessions are a fun and tasty way to celebrate the big milestone, and they can get very messy for both parents and children. We recommend you bring along some spare clothes, just in case you get super messy from those cake covered little ones.

prepare for the clean up

Bath time


after the cake smash

Once the shoot has finished, it will be time for the clean up! Your little one can enjoy a lovely bubble bath. Not only is it a chance for them to get clean for the journey home, it also provides some great photo opportunities that you'll cherish forever.

bubble bath


for the perfect splash

We have a selection on Child's farm bubble baths in the studio, although you may want to bring the one that your baby uses at home. No matter what kind of soap or bubble bath you bring, make sure it does not contain any harsh chemicals.



To keep nice and cosy

We also recommend bring two towels —one for drying off afterwards and one to line the bottom of the tub when baby is ready to come out. Also keep clean nappy nearby (or two if needed) as well as you're going home clothes for the little one.

10. Relax and have fun!

Remember that this day should be all about having fun and creating lasting memories with your little one. Our advice is to go with the flow and not to worry about the mess. Some children attach the cake straight away and some are a little more timid and take a little persuasion, either way trust your photographer to get the images needed and lead the session. Not only will it provide lovely mementos from this special milestone in your child’s life, but it will also give them lots of fun memories from their first birthday celebrations!

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